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Manufacturers and Distributors of Innovative Products

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About Us

In today’s world, the entirety of human knowledge is being doubled every 13 months.

We are witnessing technological developments around the globe that have never happened in the history of human civilization.

VisHealth chose to be in the midst of things by spearheading the exchange of new inspiring ideas, breakthrough inventions, and unmatched products between Asia, America, and Europe.

Currently, VisHealth is championing various products, leading the way in the healthcare, personal hygiene, beauty, and pet hygiene sectors.

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Our Mision

VisHealth is on a mission to become the leading source of state-of-the-art products in personal hygiene, beauty, healthcare, and pet hygiene for healthcare centers and distributors throughout Europe.

To accomplish this mission, we've brought together dynamic, resourceful, and experienced Sales and Research and Development (R&D) teams.


Our Sales Team

Our Sales Team utilizes in-depth knowledge about the European markets and its regulations, as well as a highly developed network of distributors across Europe to offer competent, durable and agile customized support to all of our OEM partners. We work diligently to meet the needs of our clients and to make them feel valued, help them grow their businesses and become leaders in European markets.

Our Research and Development Team

The Research and Development Team consists of professionals who use their scientific knowledge and decades-long experience to provide practical solutions for innovative products. They work tirelessly to provide scientific guidance for OEM partners to approximate their products with European standards and norms.

Furthermore, at VisHealth, we take immense pride in our R&D team's independent development of innovative products from scratch. An example of this dedication is the creation of pet toothbrushes incorporating Ionic technology.

Our Products


Ionickiss brand was brought to Europe in 2017, becoming a catalyst for enhanced well-being across the continent.

Starting from 2023, Vis Health is the official Ionickiss representative for EMEA regions.


As the proud owners, developers, manufacturers, and distributors of Petsie, the world's first clinically proven dog toothbrush, we continue to lead the way in canine dental care, ensuring all our furry friends enjoy optimal oral health and happy, vibrant life.

Petsie is specifically crafted to prevent plaque buildup, potentially contributing to the longevity of cherished canine companions that brighten the lives of those who welcome them home.

Our Partners

Expanding Our Network

Our network of partners and distributors is constantly growing. If you are a European distribution company or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from Asia or the Americas involved in the human and pet healthcare industry, feel free to contact us and join our expanding network of distributors and manufacturers with diverse portfolios.

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